Our Beers

Hop Haus Brewing Company handcrafts exceptional, inspired and unique beers by combining equal parts science and artistry. We believe that every community deserves a place to gather and come together as neighbors to enjoy a pint of beer and worthwhile conversation.

Year-Round Beers

Orange-16 Tulip

El Andy IPA

[India Pale Ale, 6.6%, 55 IBU]

  • Bottled
  • On Tap

Spanish for “The Andy” this juicy IPA uses a unique combination of hops. Additions of El Dorado add subtle tropical fruit aroma and flavor. Selective malt varieties provide balance and a light, golden color. Easily drinkable, El Andy offers safe passage.

Sweet Sunglasses

[Blonde Ale, 5.3%, 18 IBU]

  • On Tap

Get ready for warmer days with this easy drinking, approachable and refreshing Blonde Ale.  Crispness dominates in this lightly hopped, straw-colored ale.  Some would call it a lawnmower beer, others a day drinking beer.  Either way, grab your sweet sunglasses, get out of the house, and enjoy.

Magic Dragon

[Double IPA, 8.2%, 90 IBU]

  • Bottled
  • On Tap

Brewed with three pounds of hops per barrel, this Double IPA serves up a mouthful of citrus.  Plus, it’s made with bits of real dragon, so you know it’s good!

Plaid Panther

[Scotch Ale, 8%, 21 IBU]

  • Bottled
  • On Tap

Comfortable in the woods yet dressed for any urban encounter.  The formidable Plaid Panther will silently seduce you with its sweet and smooth malty overtones.  Tempting, seductive, persistent.  You’ve been warned.

Super Big Time

[IPA, 6.6%, 70 IBU]

  • On Tap

This beer showcases Wisconsin hops! This local IPA is gushing with big, bold hop flavors. Hints of pine and sticky hop resin are deftly balanced with citrus and grapefruit notes. It’s Big, it’s bold, it’s Super Big Time.

Rotational Beers

Hidden Stash

[IPA, 7.2%, 68 IBU]

  • On Tap

Hidden in plain sight. This stash contains select nuggets of Mosaic hops for that burst of juicy, sticky, hoppy-goodness. It’s not subtle, and we like it that way!

Dairy air

[Hefeweizen 5% 12 IBU]

  • On Tap

Brewed in late spring, at the same time the farmers fertilize their fields (with nature’s fertilizer) leading to a familiar “Dairy Air”. This traditional German Hefeweizen (hefe= yeast, weizen = wheat) pours with a thick, long lasting head that clings to your finely groomed mustache. This Hefeweizen is a salute to summer and our hard-working farmers! Available starting in Summer.


[Hoppy Wheat, 5%, 22 IBU]

A perfect marriage of wheat and hops. Subtle citrus hops provide bright flavor and aroma while the wheat adds notes of bread and biscuits. It’s better than just alright. It’s okayalright.

Orange-16 Tulip

Road Closed

[Summer Ale, 5.3%, 23 IBU]

  • On Tap

Nothing says summer like road construction! Brewed with mango and blood orange, this summer ale will bring a smile to your face. Knowing that proceeds from Road Closed go to the MS Society should bring an even brighter smile to your face! Thanks for supporting the fight against Multiple Sclerosis!

Peace Train

[Pale Ale, 5.4%, 36 IBU]

  • Bottled
  • On Tap

A lively assortment of citrusy goodness with just the right amount of wheat to provide a subtle bready backbone.

Inspired by lyrics from Peace Train (Cat Stevens)

“Now I’ve been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come. And I believe it could be, something good has begun”

Yard work

[Crushable IPA, 4.9%, 40 IBU]

  • On Tap

Plenty of hop aroma without all that bitterness. Almost light enough to allow operation of heavy machinery*. Dry hopped with Azacca hops for plenty of tropical fruit aroma. Truly an IPA you can crush**. Available starting in Summer.

*do not operate machinery after drinking

**do not attempt to crush the pint glass. That would hurt. A lot.

Spandex Bandit

[Belgian Grand Cru, 7.2%, 22 IBU]

  • On Tap

Hints of orange peel and hand-ground coriander round out this sassy Belgian Ale. Not quite an imperial, but not a session ale, this golden-colored gem of goodness will ignite your inner spandex bandit. Whether you’re a bike path warrior or a tree-posing yogi, there’s no such thing as too much spandex.  Spandexers Unite! Available starting in Summer.