Flowers and Fog Coffee Stout

Somethings were just meant to go together. Like Apple pie and Ice cream. Springbreak and sunburns. Flannel Shirts and Bluegrass Music. Dark Stout and Coffee.

Although its been done before, a nice roasty Stout beer just goes with coffee. ‘Nuff said.

When we first met the folks at Just Coffee on Madison’s eastside we were blown away by their production facility, in awe of their strict standards for selecting coffee beans but most importantly their deep routed belief in fair trade, ethically grown and roasted coffee was what really made an impression on us.

We got to taste numerous varieties of coffee beans and see the roasting process up close at Just Coffee. Hearing Scott (Quality Manager and Certified Coffee Grader) talk about coffee revealed his insane knowledge but, more importantly, showed us how committed he was to sharing the Just Coffee story and educating us on the coffee’s origins. He not only knew where every variety was grown, but he knew the family farmers who actually grew the beans.

After our first visit, we knew that a Hop Haus & Just Coffee pairing simply had to happen.

While numerous ideas were kicked around (like a mocha IPA) we knew that a simple beer recipe would allow us to showcase some wonderful locally roasted coffee.

So, we brewed a big stout with American hops. Grains include; Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Munich Malt, Midnight Wheat, Oats and Carmel Malt. Hops include: Warrior, Northern Brewer and Simcoe.

This beer is dark, roasty and easily drinkable for 8.1%. The American hops are noticeable but not overwhelming. As planned the coffee is the main attraction.

Instead of adding coffee to the beer in the fermenter and letting it sit in the keg we opted to serve the coffee/beer as fresh as we could. So, we are infusing the stout beer with coffee right in the tap line. A stainless steel canister filled with coarsely ground Just Coffee will be attached to the draft line and each pour of delicious stout will be filtered through these grounds. It doesn’t get much fresher folks.

Enough about the beer already. Come over to Hop Haus this Friday and check out this fresh coffee stout. Also, we encourage you to check out Just Coffee (website link) or you can find their locally roasted coffee at local retailers.

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