Notorious H.O.P.

Biggie, Biggie Smalls or simply The Notorious B.I.G. was undoubtedly one of the 10 best rappers of all time. Though his life was tragically short, he is the inspiration behind our big hoppy spring IPA, “Notorious H.O.P”.

2018 will mark the 3rd year of this spring IPA at Hop Haus Brewing Company. Big and bold hop flavors dominate this easy-to-drink IPA.

The hops we selected for this IPA are a blend of something new varieties and some old standbys.

Cascade: this may be the original “craft beer” hop. Developed in the 1970s this aromatic hop variety has a lengthy history. It gives Sierra Nevada Pale Ale its characteristic flavor. Those familiar with Ale Asylum’s Hopilicious APA will recognize Cascade’s signature aroma. We use Cascade in the whirlpool in Notorius H.O.P. for great floral and citrus aromas.

Columbus: another “old school” hop that has a rich history in craft brewing. For a hop that is typically used for its bittering properties, we find this hop to provide a certain “dank” flavor when used in dry hopping. The grassy and pungent aromas of Columbus add a certain “weedy” flavor, if you know what we’re sayin’. Biggie would know what we’re sayin’.

Simcoe: released in 2000, this highly versatile hop still remains a favorite among craft brewers, especially those making hoppy beers like IPAs. Passion fruit, berries and certainly a pine flavor are common descriptors of Simcoe. When you open a bag of these hops and take a big sniff you immediately think “IPA”.

Azacca: named for the Haitian god of agriculture, this dwarf hop (yes it grows to a smaller height) packs a punch. Despite its limited verticality, Azacca boasts tropical fruit and lemon flavors.  

You’re probably thinking, “big deal, it;s another IPA”. Well, yes and no. It is another IPA (and the world always needs more IPAs), but we strayed from our usual recipe for this. We double dry hopped this IPA for even more aromatic hop flavors – 2 1/2 pounds of hops for 3 days, and then another 2 1/2 pounds for another 2 days. Double the pleasure, double the fun, right?

It’s a bit old school, a bit new-school. And, I’d bet it would be approved by Biggie himself.

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