We’ve got big pretzels and we cannot lie.

The exact origin of the hot, soft pretzel is unclear, but legend has it these delicious culinary creations date back to 610 A.D. when monks baked pretzels as a reward for their students. The  baked dough, formed into the now well-known shape, was meant to resemble crossed or folded arms (the traditional posture for prayer).

Pretzels were also a staple of many church-goers during Lent in the seventh century where the allowed food items were more strict. The simple dough met the approved list since it did not contain meat, dairy or eggs.

In Germany, pretzels (or Brezels) have been a staple of southern regions for centuries. While most pretzels are served with salt in the U.S., some German varieties include sesame, carraway, pumpkin or sunflower seeds. While we may think of this large pretzel as a staple served alongside liter steins of beer during Oktoberfest, pretzels can be found year-round in every German city, where they are sold at bakeries and even at train stations. Baked fresh each morning, these delicious pretzels are a quick and inexpensive snack that travel well. They also pair well with cold beer (we have tried the pretzel/beer combo more than once while traveling in Germany).

At Hop Haus, we have offered a pretzels on the menu for quite sometime. However, we recently fell in love with a HUGE pretzel. It is now on the menu

It’s a jumbo pretzel that is served with ale mustard and Widmer’s Brick cheese spread. The pretzel is as large as a dinner plate and is always served hot and soft!! Take a look at this beauty!

Phil (who still holds German citizenship) has tried hundreds of pretzels, and these are Phil approved! We dare you to not like it.

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