Sweet Sunglasses

Go Get Yourself Some Sweet Sunglasses

IPAs dominate the craft beer market and are unlikely to be overtaken in popularity any time soon. Long live the IPA! That said, there’s recently been a growing interest in lighter styles of beer, mainly Pilsners, Blonde Ales, and other “easy-drinking” brews.

How fortuitous! It just so happens that in just a few days, Hop Haus Brewing Company will be releasing our Sweet Sunglasses Blonde Ale…..in cans!! Although this particular beer has been a staple at the taproom, we have yet to push it out into the market…until now!

For all you beer nerds out there, allow me to drop some beer knowledge. The BJCP Style Guide (Beer Judge Certification Guidelines*) defines the Blonde Ale style as follows:

  • Blonde Ales are “easy-drinking and approachable” and are typically “well balanced”, with not too much hop or malt flavor.
  • Blonde Ales typically skew on the lower ABV range, somewhere between 3.8-5.5% alc./vol.
  • Unlike lagers, which take 3-6 weeks to fully mature in the fermenters, ales can be turned out in less than two weeks’ time, making them a popular option in brewpubs looking to offer a lighter beer.

Our Sweet Sunglasses Blonde Ale fits solidly in the aforementioned style parameters. If you’re not that interested in geeking out over beer, all you need to know is that Sweet Sunglasses is an easy-drinking, approachable brew suitable for those endless summer days. At 5.3% ABV, it’s a drinkable beer that won’t make you nap and won’t fill you up.

Grab some refreshing Sweet Sunglasses Blonde Ale and start your summer early. 

*Yes, there is actually an entire certification process if you want to become a master beer judge. It’s a real thing. I am not making this up. Some of these folks take judging beer very, very seriously. There are rules. Lots and lots of rules.

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