Yardwork Crushable IPA

Session IPAs FTW!

Long live India Pale Ales!!! The king of craft beers, the punchline to many Bud Light commercials….

IPAs are everywhere. Every brewery has one (or ten). And for a while it seemed like each passing year saw a new IPA variation hit the market: Double IPA, Black IPA, Belgian IPA, White IPA, Hazy IPA, etc. For fans of IPAs, these were halcyon days.

Then craft beer drinkers had somewhat of an epiphany (of sorts). While most folks enjoy the aroma of hoppy beers, they don’t particularly like the excessive bitterness associated with IPAs. Also, people were realizing that at 7-8% ABV most IPAs were not really appropriate for all-day drinking (unless you planned on spending the next day firmly planted on the couch nursing a fierce hangover while trying to reconstruct the previous night’s events). For IPAs to remain a popular, non-niche style of beer, craft brewers had to come up with an alternative for hop-heads.

With necessity being the mother of invention, a new style was born: the session IPA.

Session IPAs make a lot of sense: you get hop aroma and lower ABV without sacrificing any flavor. Sure, some of the first session IPAs to hit the market tasted like watered down versions of their predecessors. Since then, brewers have fixed this problem and today’s session IPA is a legit, highly drinkable, lower alcohol version of the beer style that truly defined craft beer for so many years.

Hop Haus Brewing Company is happy to announce that cans of Yardwork Crushable IPA will hit the market in mere days!!!

At 4.9% ABV this crushable IPA checks all the boxes. It’s lower in ABV but doesn’t feel thin or watered down. There is plenty of hop aroma as well, so hop-heads need not worry. How did we manage that? Instead of adding hops during the boil, as you would in a traditional IPA, we only add hops after the boiling process is complete. Doing so preserves the vital hop aroma instead of letting it evaporate. We also use a blend of hops, giving this IPA a depth of flavor certain to please any craft beer drinker.

Look for the green can in stores starting April 2nd! And next time you finish mowing the lawn, grab a cold Yardwork Crushable IPA. You deserve it!

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