Hop Heads and lovers of hoppy beers have long faced a problem: Can I drink IPAs all day long without having a formidable hangover the next day? With most IPAs having an ABV around 6-8%, the answer always seemed to be a resounding “no”. This sad state of affairs led many IPA enthusiasts into situations where they’d have to switch from their preferred brew to bland, unsatisfying lower-alcohol beers after that first (or perhaps second) IPA of the day. These were dark times.

Today, however, Hop Heads can have their IPAs and drink them too! With the introduction of session IPAs, fans of hoppy beers can finally enjoy uncompromised IPA goodness without the worry of getting blotto midway through that second round. The dawn of a new age of IPAs is upon us.

Our offering to this noble cause, Yardwork Crushable IPA has all the aroma and flavor you expect from an IPA, but with an ABV of 4.9%, it’s perfect as a post-chore beer – particularly on those hot, humid Midwest summer days.

After mowing the lawn, I treat myself to a cold, refreshing beer and thus the label was born. The gentleman on the can is hard at work creating a maze from his lawn. I bet he’s looking forward to that well-earned beer when he’s all done. You may not be as crafty with garden shears, but the next time you finish your chores, grab a cold can of Yardwork Crushable IPA!

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