Sweet Sunglasses

A trip to the craft beer section of your local liquor store can be an overwhelming visual experience. Shiny, fancy bottles. Sexy looking cans. Lots of cool labels. All of them vying for your attention, as well as your wallet. And at this point, savvy readers may expect a hot take where we rail against breweries using flashy, eye-catching graphic design as a marketing strategy.

But you’d be wrong.

In fact, we’re all about it. Behold! Our new can design for Sweet Sunglasses Blonde Ale! It’s so flashy, it features a pink flamingo sporting a pair of sweet sunglasses. You cannot miss it.

The colorful logo was inspired by our alma mater, UW-Madison, and its tradition of placing plastic flamingos on Bascom Hill every fall. On September 4th, 1979, students planted 1008 plastic pink flamingos in front of the dean’s office. This prank has since become a popular custom, embraced by students and Madison residents alike. In fact, in 2009 the City of Madison named the plastic flamingo its official bird. That’s right, it’s a plastic flamingo.

Sweet Sunglasses Blonde Ale is a crisp, refreshing beer perfect for those sunny Wisconsin summers. And also those sunny Wisconsin winters. Pretty good for the fall, as well as the spring for that matter. Come to think of it, our Sweet Sunglasses Blonde Ale is sort of like a pair of sunglasses: keep some around, y’know, just in case. Look for the bright, colorful can with a pink flamingo wearing sunglasses at fine retailers near you!

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