2nd Annual Wisconsin Beer Run

The 2nd Annual Wisconsin Beer Run 5k & .05k is this weekend, Saturday, October 13th at 10 am. There’s the narrowest window of opportunity to sign up still, so if you want to join us, don’t waste another precious minute hemming and hawing – head over to The Wisconsin Beer Run’s website to register online (click here to do just that). Online registration ends Friday, October 12th at 6 pm CDT! (See above re: SIGN UP NOW!!!) Important race details and other good things to know about this event can all be found on that page, so if you have questions, there’s a good chance that you’ll get an answer over there.

Hop Haus Brewing Company is proud to sponsor The Wisconsin Beer Run and look forward to (hopefully) seeing you this Saturday for Verona, Wisconsin’s most prestigious combination 5k /0.05k running event.

Did we mention that you need to hurry? Time’s a-wasting and space is a-limited, so don’t miss out! (Seriously, there are only 30 spots left. HUSTLE PEOPLE!!!!)

One more time (for those in the back), click here to head to the official website, or log yourself onto Facebook for further info (but in a more, shall we say, social way?) You can find that here:  facebook.com/WiscoBeerRun.

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