Sweet Sunglasses

Go Get Yourself Some Sweet Sunglasses IPAs dominate the craft beer market and are unlikely to be overtaken in popularity any time soon. Long live the IPA! That said, there’s recently been a growing interest in lighter styles of beer, mainly Pilsners, Blonde Ales, and other “easy-drinking” brews. How fortuitous! It just so happens that […]

Notorious H.O.P.

Biggie, Biggie Smalls or simply The Notorious B.I.G. was undoubtedly one of the 10 best rappers of all time. Though his life was tragically short, he is the inspiration behind our big hoppy spring IPA, “Notorious H.O.P”. 2018 will mark the 3rd year of this spring IPA at Hop Haus Brewing Company. Big and bold […]

Beer & Cheese

A love story for the ages The best cheese comes from the best milk! In Wisconsin, we know how true this is. Starting today, Hop Haus will be offering cheese boards. And, we are proudly serving only Wisconsin cheese. When we first sat down and started to plan what our cheese list would look like […]