Join Our Team

Hop Haus Brewing Company is looking for a creative and fun bartender to provide customers with a unique drinking experience. The successful candidate will be responsible, have a passion for customer service, and outstanding communication skills. Hop Haus Brewing Company has been brewing and pouring craft beer in our small Verona taproom since 2015. We […]

Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy: Good For What Ails You Phil’s Advice For Keeping It Together A Different Kind of Beer Run We hosted our third anniversary party this past weekend. That meant lots of planning, setting up, tearing down and lots of other work behind the scenes to ensure the party went smoothly. After spending close to […]

Mellow Yellow

I’m Just Mad About Saisons A Classic Belgian Beer from Hop Haus Brewing Company Another day, another brewing challenge. This time we were tasked with crafting a beer that fit these parameters: Simple, yet interesting Exciting, but not too complex Easy-drinking Must be a Belgian beer Okay, a saison it is! First things first… What’s […]

Haze of Our Lives Hazy IPA

These Are the ‘Haze of Our Lives’ – A Hazy IPA from Hop Haus Celebrate Madison Craft Beer Week 2018 the Hop Haus Way Every once in a while an opportunity comes along that just can’t be refused. And we’re not talking about some Don Carleone-style “offer” (we never talk about those “opportunities”). This particular […]

Sweet Sunglasses

A trip to the craft beer section of your local liquor store can be an overwhelming visual experience. Shiny, fancy bottles. Sexy looking cans. Lots of cool labels. All of them vying for your attention, as well as your wallet. And at this point, savvy readers may expect a hot take where we rail against […]


Hop Heads and lovers of hoppy beers have long faced a problem: Can I drink IPAs all day long without having a formidable hangover the next day? With most IPAs having an ABV around 6-8%, the answer always seemed to be a resounding “no”. This sad state of affairs led many IPA enthusiasts into situations […]

Yardwork Crushable IPA

Session IPAs FTW! Long live India Pale Ales!!! The king of craft beers, the punchline to many Bud Light commercials…. IPAs are everywhere. Every brewery has one (or ten). And for a while it seemed like each passing year saw a new IPA variation hit the market: Double IPA, Black IPA, Belgian IPA, White IPA, […]