Our menu is designed for light meals, appetizers or snacks.


Hot Pretzel $9.50

A pretzel as big as a dinner plate? Yep! Served with dark ale mustard and brick cheese spread.

Cheese Curds $6

What’s better than regular ol’ cheese curds? Fried cheese curds, that’s what. Forged in Two Rivers, WI.

Mac & Cheese Bites $5.5

Because regular Mac and Cheese is so 2008. Bite-sized so you can safely eat with one hand, and text with the other.

Sriracha Chicken Bites $6

These lucky chicks were fed a steady diet of Sriracha hot sauce, giving them just the right amount of spicy.

Chicken Tenders $6

Real strips of chicken with potato chips in the breading. Seriously.

Chicken Tenders with fries $9

Three of our potato chip crusted tenders served with our waffle fries all tucked neatly into a cozy basket.

Chicken Wings $8

Actual wings from actual chickens, served with the finest of sauce.

Chicken Wing Basket with fries $11

Wings and fries. Or fries and wings. Together at last!

Boneless Wings $7

What’s to describe? They’re delicious! Choice of toss sauce.

Boneless Wing Basket with Fries $10

Boneless wings, but with fries as well!

French Fries $5

Waffle shaped for maximum fried potato enjoyment.

Popcorn $2.5

Flavored and tossed by Curt himself.

Pizza $10

12” of pure enjoyment. Located in Monona, Fraboni’s handmade pizzas feature the finest of ingredients placed by hand, with love. Choose from cheese, pepperoni, sausage, or veggie.

Supreme Pizza $12

Can’t decide on just one ingredient? The 12” Fraboni supreme pizza (sausage, pepperoni, black olives, green pepper and onion) is right for you.


$7.50/glass • $26/bottle


Jacobs Creek [Moscato]
Columbia Crest [Sauvignon Blanc]
Drumheller [Chardonnay]


Liberated [Pinot Noir]
Seven Falls Cellars [Rapids Red Blend]
Save Me, San Francisco [Cabernet Sauvignon]


Aime Roquesante [Rose]


Diet Coke
A&W Rootbeer
Verona’s Finest Ice Water

Now On Tap

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Hashtag Hazy

[Hazy IPA, 6%]

  • On Tap

1st & 10

[Amber Ale, 5.5%]

  • On Tap

Sweet Mike’s Demise

[Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout, 9.4%, 33 IBU]

  • On Tap


[Hazy IPA, 7%]

  • On Tap

Fat Eddie

[Milk Stout, 5%, 22 IBU]

  • On Tap


[Robust Porter, 5.7%, 75 IBU]

  • On Tap

Sweet Sunglasses

[Blonde Ale, 5.3%, 18 IBU]

  • Bottled
  • On Tap

Hidden Stash

[IPA, 7.2%, 68 IBU]

  • On Tap

Magic Dragon

[Double IPA, 8.2%, 90 IBU]

  • Bottled
  • On Tap

Plaid Panther

[Scotch Ale, 8%, 21 IBU]

  • Bottled
  • On Tap

Crispin Original

[5% ABV]

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